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Monday, April 4, 2011
1) One of Cole's favorite times of the day is when Paige and Will get home from school in the afternoon.  He loves to go to the pantry and independently pick out his own snack with them.  He also likes to get his own plate and utensils, if needed.  His need for utensils has been growing.  I haven't said anything yet, but this was the lineup for today's snack of yogurt...
Yes.  They all got used.

2) I have been meaning to mention Paige's involvement in Girl Scouts.  They meet every other week and she loves it.  Last week they got to go to an Italian restaurant and prepare their own pizzas.  And this shows a picture of Paige (in brown) assuring that her friend Claire is cavity-free at their trip to a dentist's office.

3)  Is your family game of Twister becoming too easy?  Here is a tip from our family to increase the challenge.  Lay a large yellow dog over a portion of the circles.  Play according to directions.


Renay said...

I've missed my Kelly post lately. Hysterical as usual! Love Bailey playing twister!

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