The Parenting Place We're In

Sunday, March 6, 2011
A few times recently Rich and I have commented about how things are just different now that our kids are all over the "baby" phase.  For example, after being out as a family WAY later than we usually we are, the kids slept in.  On a weekend.  All of them.  Until 7:30.  And then even when they woke, they started playing with each other and didn't instantly have needs and wants.  We sat and read the paper and watched the news.  For quite some time.  It was beautiful.

I enjoy this with caution as I know that tougher issues, schedules, and challenges are on the horizon.  And just to make sure I DO keep this in perspective comes the note that Paige wrote to me after bedtime (a common practice for her - they are usually cute and often asking for something).  Tonight's request?  When we thought she could get a cell phone.  WHAT?!  Of course, she was careful to point out that she knows it won't be soon and she won't bug us about it until then...she "swares." about we don't even discuss this until you know how to spell "swear?" And don't swear.  Ever.

That's the awesome thing about this parenting gig.  There are no breaks.  I love it.

After what can only be described as a heavenly trip alone to Hobby Lobby (mainly to find wheels for the pinewood cars but also to just browse - I don't make it there often), Will is on his way to finishing his cars.  I also found some fun decals and here is his first finished product:


Anonymous said...

cracking up about swares...and wouldn't you know that luke started asking LAST WEEK when he might be able to get a cell phone? he knew it would be a while, but when might that be?

gah...are you kidding me???

suzanne said...

we talked about having a 3rd but life is just so nice right now. i really don't know if i can adjust back to the baby stage.

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