On Will

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Poor Will is suffering another stuffy nose debacle.  The last one ended in antibiotics for a sinus infection and I'm hoping this one remedies itself.  It does leave his head in the clouds a bit more than even normal, which makes it tough, but here's the good news:

1) Will has luck.  I believe some people have it and some don't.  In his short life already, I feel that Will has it.  He won a gift basket at the school's walk-a-thon in the fall, and today he had his name drawn to have lunch (or snack) with the principal!  You can bet that was his "best" at dinner tonight.  Every time a student is "caught" doing something that exhibits "character counts" pillars, they get a ticket dropped into a drawing.  At the Character Counts assemblies, students are then drawn out of that pool to have lunch with the principal.  How fun that will be!

2) Will is easy-going.  He is not the type to get angry at losing a game (cut to playing Trouble last night with Paige and I and getting kicked back into "home" by Paige and I many times, but ALWAYS focusing on what he DID have going for him).  And then there was the other night at dinner.  He was contemplating his "worst" for the day and couldn't come up with one.  I remembered that he mentioned that Ella had sat next to him on the bus on the way home, but he really wanted to sit next to Jesse.  So, I suggested that and his reaction was, "No.  I mean, I still got home."  Gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

"I still got home." LOVE it! He is so funny.

Renay said...

He's got the gift of "glass half full" - sweet!!!! And on the lucky front...maybe you should have him buy you some lottery tickets ;)

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