On Getting Older

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Had a wonderful birthday dinner with both sides of my family to celebrate mine and others' days.  Thank everyone so much for the dinner, company and nice gifts.

But tonight I'm not so much thinking about how I'm getting older.  (Why dwell on that?)  Rather, I'm thinking of those little signs recently that my KIDS are getting older...and I'm not sure how much I love it.  Here are examples...

Paige had a social calendar from Thursday through Saturday that would rival that of a teenager's.  She also thought of and shopped for a simply wonderful birthday gift for me. 

Will went to what was really his first birthday party that I simply drop him off for today.  I was concerned about how excited he would be, if he would rather I stay, etc.  No problem.  He was gone in a flash and had a blast.

Cole is all of the sudden very interested in (and very good at) dressing himself...which means I will probably stop hearing one of my favorite lines of his when he wants to get dressed, "Will you change me up?"

But then I was taken back tonight when Cole was still a little too wired for sleep and came out of his room and asked, "Can I sit with you in yours rocking chair?"  ...The old bentwood rocking chair in my bedroom that I've rocked each of my kids in at various times since birth.  *melt*  And so we rocked, because those days are numbered.


Alli said...

I TOTALLY feel you on the numbered rocking chair days! "Change me up"...these recent Cole posts are killing me. Happy Birthday!!

Bethie said...

Wish I could have been there for the birthday party!! I hope someone got you a shovel!!! I heard you guys are expecting a foot of snow...YIKES!!

Jamie F. said...

You make me want kids when recently I have pondered the question. I love your post!! I miss you and I miss your family! You always give me a good feeling inside whenever I'm around you, talk to you, or read your post. Thank you!

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