Reporting From the Dance Floor

Monday, December 20, 2010
This weekend we traveled to Michigan for a wedding of my family on my mother's side.  It was a beautiful wedding and super fun weekend overall.  Here are some of my realizations from the weekend:
  1. There's just something about a wedding that gives you a great feeling of hope and warmth.  While having a wedding in the Christmas season is busy, it just adds to the beauty of the time of year!
  2. My kids don't sleep in the car easily.  At all.
  3. Automobile makers need to make a passenger-side seat that swivels around so that mom's don't get kinks in their necks responding to their name for a 3+ hour car ride.
  4. Hotel rooms are cool to kids.  Even if they're small and just have the basics.  Still cool.
  5. Getting new toys/games just before a trip is PERFECT timing! (Thanks, Nicole!)
  6. Wanting every member of the household to look his/her best all at one time = instant stress.
  7. Getting to the time of night where it's okay if shirts come untucked and ties are loosened = awesome.
  8. On a super long day, kids' energy levels will peak and plummet at many different times with no warning.
  9. I don't wear heels anymore.  My legs & feet have adjusted accordingly.
  10. Cole is an 80s cover band groupie.  He was here most of the night doing this:


heresthediehl said...

ADORABLE!! He is just so cute.

Bethie said...

Go Cole!! He is totally rockin' it!
I love it!!

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