The moods that stole Christmas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Every Kelly Kid in the Kelly house liked Christmas alot!
But their moods this week...present-deserving they were not!
Their parents hated arguing, this whole bickering week!
Now, please don't ask why, the reason I cannot speak.

It could be that the weather's too bitter.
It could be that Cole has become a hitter.
But I think the most likely reason could be
That they're ready for a break...just like me!

But whatever the reason, the hitting or cold
They continue to fight no matter how often their told.

But they'll stare down on Christmas.  They'll pop their eyes.
Then they'll shake when they see what a shocking surprise!
And what will happen then?  Well, in the Kelly house we say,
That the kids will be reminded what good behavior brings that day.

And the minute they're rested and have something new to do,
They'll play all day without saying "boo."
And we'll have back the harmony, the giggles and fun
And the moods - the moods themselves will be GOOD for everyone!


Anonymous said...

i love your poems :)

and, maybe a box of presents will show up tomorrow and distract them? i hope?

Martha said...

Dear Dr. Seuss....errr, Karen!
I loved it!!!!!

Renay said...

Hysterical!!! Fantastic Poetry Mama Suess. (we're in the same boat...wayyy to much video gaming going on because at least they aren't fighting)

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