Halloween 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010
The rundown of the little spooks I live with from this weekend:


Had her first sleepover at a friend's house which was a success!  I'm sure there will be many of these in our future.  Of course, her 2-hour nap and lack of hesitation to go to bed at the normal time the following night assures us that these WILL burn her out in a hurry!  Celebrated the scary holiday as a skeleton bride.


Enjoyed his class Halloween party as a ghost, but decided it's not-so-convenient for his candy collecting efforts and so resorted to last year's skeleton costume for trick-or-treating.  A little worn out this weekend as he is getting over a cold, but a highlight was his girlfriend friend from school, Ella, trick-or-treated just as we were headed up to bed and THOSE were the biggest dimples on Will we saw all night!


 As the Lightning McQueen pit boss, he tore it up despite ALSO getting over a cold and missing 2 naps this weekend!  First he offered Rich his whole bag of candy.  Then, he decided he could have a sucker...if he bit it in half.  Little do they know we're about to do our annual kid candy bag raid and they'll never know the difference! 
The cousins - including a butterfly and a storm trooper

The scary bunch

The infamous ghost!

Cousins at leaf day!  The youngest is driving - makes perfect sense!

More about the play, less about the work!


Alli said...

Great costumes! And Paige with that makeup...what is she, 13!? She is gorgeous. I've got to say, our family has some great baby making genes :)

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