Careful What You Wish For

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I'll admit, I have complained about food prep for 3 kids before.  The cutting in bite size pieces; the special "dips" each one prefers; the second helpings of this, etc.  Therefore, I have daydreamed about what it would be like to have the kids preparing their own meals (mainly breakfast) someday. 

Now, however, I have seen a glimpse of what kids meddling in my our kitchen would be like and I'm willing to push it off a bit.  This usually pertains to breakfast (which is not one to boast about - often whole grain muffins or Fiber One pop tarts) and after school snacks (usually yogurts / granola bars).  Since this transition, though I'm sure it's unrelated, I have also had an increase in crumbs all over the table and floor, food explosions, and empty boxes being left in the pantry.  That's actually a small price to pay for my culinary freedom.


Because Cole is one of the gang (and may I remind you, only 2), he joins in the independence parade and has started to choose snacks himself.  Thankfully, he is well trained in what he can and cannot have.  Like today, Will chose a yogurt so (of course) Cole choose a soy yogurt for his "after school" snack.  He takes pride in picking out his own spoon (because he can reach them himself, you know) and settling down at the table with the big kids.  Today, though, I made a discovery that may be a deal breaker.

This is his yogurt spoon licked clean and placed back in the drawer with great precision.  Two years old might just be a bit too young for this freedom.


Anonymous said...

haha! what's wrong with that? it looks clean, mom!

this reminds me of something i just recently discovered about jack henry...i'll blog about it.

suzanne said...

oh my goodness - how many times do you think he's done that in the past? hilariously gross.

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