Fox Fall Fest

Monday, October 25, 2010
This past weekend was my sister and brother-in-law's annual Corn Maze festival.  However, their friends couldn't make the date and the weather didn't cooperate so just the fam went up for an overnight and pumpkin patch visit.  I'll refer to it as Fox (their last name) Fall Fest.  It was great!  Thanks to my sister's talented sister-in-law, I have some great pictures to share that will tell the story of fall fun!

Hanging with dad

Bonding with "grumpa"

Ridin' the train

Where's Paige?  Shootin' corn cobs at targets, of course!

Corn Sandbox!

An indication as to why I'm still finding corn in my dryer lint trap

Just a neat pic

Chillin' with Aunt Jamie

Whole family filling the train

Hunkering down for the night



Renay said...

What a fun trip! 1. Your corn sandbox beat the crap out of the one we saw this weekend 2. I'm putting "shooting corn cobs at targets" on my bucket list 3. What a gorgeous pic of Paige!

Anonymous said...

Um HELLO. Tell me you're printing that picture of Paige and framing it. Gorgeous!

Love the one of your dad and Cole, too. So sweet.

Corn cob shooting? My boys would love that!

Bethie said...

Karen, that picture of Paige is professional quality! What a GREAT picture!! I also have to say that the picture of Renee on Jamie's couch with the other kids looks just like your mom when she was little. (I think!)

Alli said...

What great pictures! LOVE the 2 black and whites. Sounds like it was a great time!

suzanne said...

i'd like to try the corn cob shooting too.

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