Single Parent

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Well, I'm gearing up for 4 days of single parenthood as Rich travels one of the 2 times a year for work.  While this is a normal occurrence for many, we are not accustomed and I am totally expecting to have a better understanding of why it takes 2 people to make a kid...because it's a two-person job to care for one...let alone three!  So here's what we have this week:

PAIGE:  Getting deeper into school curriculum and homework.  We actually studied for her first test (outside of spelling tests) in Social studies that she will get back this week. 

WILL:  Another week working on anxiety with leaving for school - without the reward chart this time.  The lack of dad may throw things off for him a bit, so I'm on the lookout for regression, though he did GREAT last week!

COLE:  Seriously, the kid is hysterical!  He has become quite the parrot, which isn't always a good thing.  He enjoys doing replays of what he sees on TV, or his siblings do.  Often it starts with, "Mommy, Will doos like dis..." (followed by instant replay)  Today I sighed and said, "Ugh!" about a mess.  Cole heard this and sighed and said, "Oh, God."  I said, "Cole, I said 'Ugh', if you're going to copy, get it right!" :)  He laughed, of course.  So - I think his goal this week will be to keep me laughing.


suzanne said...

hope your time alone with the kids is going well!

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