It's Fall. And you know what that means...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Will is on a high from now until after Christmas, pretty much.  He LOVES fall and Halloween and decorating and costume ideas and projects and smells and foods that represent the season.  Because he has NOT been impressed by the number and degree of difficulty of the projects they do in Kindergarten, we made a trip to the project store to pick up some Halloween-themed supplies:

This is a 3-D foam haunted tree house that took a hot glue gun and mom's help, but Will was VERY particular about making it just like the picture and it turned out great!

He also mentioned how excited he is to have "roasted pumpkin nuts."  Mmmmm.  Can't wait.

In other news, Cole voiced something the other day that was a first.  We were headed up to his bed for naptime and I mentioned that he could pick 2 cars to take to bed with him (more just equals more play and less room in bed for him).  All of the sudden he was staring down and away from me and I asked if he was upset about something and he said, "Yes.  My mad at you."  Cute and funny.  He still went to bed with only 2 cars.

And the kids had a teenage babysitter for the first time in a long time last night.  She was a new one and the kids and I liked her very much.  One of my favorite parts was seeing Paige take on the "oldest one in the house" role.  It even makes a mom feel a little less leary to leave home, believe it or not. 


Alli said...

What a cool project! And even cooler boys in the pic. (And did you get a new patio table? I love it!)

Kelly said...

I'm on the same high as that he is so excited about "roasted pumpkin nuts". :)

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