All Weekends Should be 3 Dayers

Monday, September 6, 2010
The weekend was perfect:  a day with Rich's family (and grandmother before she heads back to the sunshine state), a day with my family and grandmother (less my parents who have left texts and voicemails detailing their wonderful Arizona r&r vacation), and then a day for just us!

The one MAJOR downfall is that I have not one picture!  After thinking about it, I realize that it's probably a subconscious decision, as I am very behind in my picture developing / albuming and I probably simply want to feel like I'm not getting even more behind.  Well...I think I'll regret that more!  So my mission: more pictures!


Alli said...

I feel ya! I have like $500 worth of pics to print out. Yikes!

Aunt Debbie said...

I hope Mom got one for you, but I'm thinking we didn't get a good 4 generation pic with Rich and the kids either...sorry:(

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