Wrapping up the Summer

Monday, August 16, 2010
As many people I know are heading back to school, I feel that we are gladly wringing out the last of the fun from summer - being that we don't go back until the end of next week.  And we still have full days planned - dentist appointments, more school shopping, Six Flags, play dates, grandkid sleepover at the gparents' and more! 

And if you asked me last week if I was ready I would have jumped, but now there is a little wishing-summer-away remorse I'm feeling.  The three kids and I can have the most fun with no plans at all and the evenings are so relaxing with the whole family hanging out.  Soon to be filled with homework and more stringent bedtimes.  Wah.

And of course I'm sure adding to my apprehension to the school year is my curiosity as to how Will will handle Kindergarten.  So far he has been a boy of few words about it.  I can't tell if it's indifference, or simply being unaware of what that exactly means.  We'll soon find out.

But in the meantime, here is a sample of his logic:  The kids know to take their shoes off at the rug when they come in the back door.  When Will came in, the rug at the very bottom of this picture was being washed.  So, the only logical place to put his shoes was on the windowsill.  Of course.

And summer being over means no more spontaneous lemonade stands (that made these cute girls - Paige and her friend - $9 total.)


suzanne said...

i have to admit that i'm a little jealous. i wouldn't mind having another week off. if i had it my way, school wouldn't start until after labor day.

Renay said...

I am so behind in my Kelly posts!! I'm feeling your summer-ending remorse. Schedules are about to get nutty for sure. I think Will is going to rock Kindergarden!!

Alli said...

I'm sure Will's social butterflyness will help him through his first days of kindergarten. He'll do great!

I too have the end of summer blues, and ,like Suzanne, am jealous of your extra week of summer!

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jdiehl said...

I'm tellin' ya--those shoes on the windowsill!!!!

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