Six Flags...2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Four tickets to Six Flags plus 1 free 2-year old: $130
Parking: $20
Food for the day: 5 kabillion dollars
First upside down roller coaster ride for Paige and Will and first roller coaster for Cole: Priceless!
One of the many treats while wating for big kids!

Ran into Scooby Doo right away!  Cool!
Victory picture for Riley, Will and Paige


suzanne said...

first upside down roller coast = a very big deal! they're so brave.

Alli said...

I've never even been on a roller coaster. Way to go, kids!! Looks like the pretzels there were amazing :)

Renay said...

Way to go kids - I didn't even know they could ride upside down at this age!! I'll have to pick your brain about your visit. I nixed the idea this year because of're obviously more brave than I!!

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