Vacation Week - over

Monday, August 9, 2010
Rich's week-long time off had us in St. Louis the first part of the week, and then visited by 7 of my extended family from 3 different states this past weekend.  It was one continuous party that traveled north almost 2 hours to my sister's and back to a camp-out in my parents' backyard.  Because that family added 3 kids aged 6-12 to our 5, it was a kid fest to the max. 

It was a great...dune buggy ridin', dirt bike ridin', battery-powered vehicle drivin', cannon shootin', bonfire sittin', slip-n-slidin', kickball playin', kiddie pool swimmin', campin', lake wadin', good eatin', bag tourneyin', apple pickin', road trippin', family visitin'...TIME!  And the pictures to prove:

Water works!

Movie time

An attempt at a group shot

Apple pickin'.  Later used for eating, applesauce making, and launching.

One of the many feasts


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