The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
There was once a back to school commercial that played this holiday song while a dad happily tossed school supplies in the shopping cart.  I can kind of feel his excitement every now and then.  I know; I know.  I should cherish these carefree days just like I should probably stop wishing for cooler weather because it's going to get here and I'll be wishing for warmer weather.  And I know - the days are numbered that I only have 1 child in elementary school - as Will heads to Kindergarten this year. 


I don't think I would complain if I didn't have to vacuum up another grain of sand off my kitchen floor - or pick up another soaked swimsuit off of the carpet.  Those things I'd be okay with.  And the kids ARE really good at getting into "play" mode together quite well.  Today they wrote letters to "fairies" detailing that they wish to visit them.  They made mud pies for the fairies and drinks with straws.  Only they NEVER came out of character.  I'm all for imagination and all, but this gets so abstract that I'm lost and found begging them to quit playing together so nicely so that we can interact like normal humans.  And I'm not sure, but I think both of the big kids' voice volumes have racheted up a few decibels this summer because I'm CONSTANTLY telling one of them not to shout to me rather than talk.  Oh, and now that I have mud splatters up the entire back sides of some of the remaining nicer summer clothes of theirs (after a family bike ride that had a goal of hitting every puddle possible), I'm ready for school clothes, too.

So, I said it.  And now I'm off to fold laundry, make a grocery list, and write a couple letters signed by some arbitrary fairies.


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