Some things I love...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
...that I was reminded of today.
  1. Air conditioning
  2. The smell of new school supplies - like big pink erasers
  3. Kids drenched in pool water
  4. Milk delivered to my door
  5. Major bargains
  6. The fact that Cole says "read at me" instead of "read to me"
  7. The fact that Will still says "good jov" instead of "good job"
  8. Cousins that live close!
  9. Slow mornings
  10. Cleaning out clothes for the new stuff
  11. My lovey boys
  12. My equally affectionate girl
  13. Whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, sliced garden tomato and salt & pepper.  Seriously.  Try it.


Anonymous said...

i love so many of these, too!

and tonight, matt said that i was "perfect" in paige's voice :)

Laurie said...

For an extra twist on your bagel, try a tiny bit of garlic salt instead of regular, and some finely chopped basil. Mmmmmmmm!!!

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