Will's Bday (Take 1)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Will turns 5 on Sunday and we planned a party with his aunts/uncles and grandparents this weekend.  As the countdown to his birthday continued on the calendar in his room, though, I realized that a "kid" party might be in order this year.  Unlike social butterfly Paige, Will isn't as quick to make best bud attachments.  Now, however, he has some good friends that he truly looks forward to spending time with and so we thought it would be great to celebrate with them!

Because it was last minute and we're at swimming lessons everyday this week, we decided to meet at a park for his race car party.  Here are the pictures!
We had a picnic

They got to personalize their own checkered flag.

We ate a giant cookie.

And opened presents.

Thanks to all his friends for making it a great bithday party!


Alli said...

Wow. Those 2 kids to the right of Will look like they've never seen anything like that giant cookie! Glad he had fun. Happy Birthday, Will!

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