Five years

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Five years seems like such a short time in the grand scheme of things.  Only when I compare these pictures, I realize just how much can change in five years.  And, subsequently, how much it matters to make each day count.

Will - 3 days old

Will - now

Today I asked Will if he felt any different, giving examples like taller, bigger, cooler.  He paused and replied, "I feel gentler."  I'm still working to define this.  It surely doesn't mean more gentlemanly (as I picture him sticking his stinky feet in Paige's face to smell).  And I don't think it could possibly mean "not rough," as I picture him ramming his cars down his wooden ramp to crush other cars. may remain a mystery.  But he's 5 and that's how he feels.  Love you, Will!


Alli said...

Well one things remained the same, he's still an adorable little guy! And love his cake? Don't tell me you made it!

suzanne said...

happy birthday!!!1

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