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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
While playing a new found monster truck racing Wii game: For some reason the trees aren't really hurting me today.

After being tucked into bed tonight comes wandering out with this: Um, welllll, I, um, my bed, um, my bed isn't comfy enough for me. I tucked him back in bed and wished him luck in surviving the night.

Upstairs after waking from his nap: Karen? Karen!

Now, I know I've complained about the over usage of "Mom" by him in the past, but that is NOT to be replaced with my proper name thankyouverymuch.

Going to bed tonight before her last 1/2 day of school: I already miss school.


Nicole said...
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Anonymous said...

loved the "Karen?" comment from cole!!!

last week jack henry wanted to show off how he can hang from the edge of the stairs (it's not dangerous though it sounds like it is) and couldn't get matt's attention, so he yelled, "hey matt! look at this!" after the cracking up, we corrected him, of course.

Laurie said...

Oh, William. Trees don't hurt you, but comfy race car beds don't cut it? Really??

Can't say anything about Cole. Hey, it's your name, right? At least he didn't say "Hey, lady, I'd really like to get up now."

Paiger. Sweet like candy. ;)

jdiehl said...

Re: using parents' first names--sometimes ya just gotta get their attention--and it works! (But doesn't it sound odd-funny AND funny-funny coming from them?)

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