More Weekend!

Monday, May 31, 2010
This extended weekend only left me wanting more. In fact, I kind of rebelled a little and let the kids stay up a little later so that they could watch Drew Barrymore scream when she saw E.T. in her brother's room for the first time. Classic.

I loved this weekend because:

  • Friday was Field Day at school for Paige. She came home wiped out, but had a blast.
  • We had an all-kid camp out in my sister's new pop-up camper in my parent's backyard...complete with roasted marshmallows. Total success.
  • Rich and I got some random tasks done around the house.
  • We got a fully functioning TV and satellite service back!
  • We now have HBO & Showtime free for 3 months (a little payback for our pain and suffering)
  • I finally feel in control of our landscaping. It only took 5+ years.
  • Rich and I went out to dinner for our anniversary. Just us. Alone. It was awesome.
  • Cole is showing an interest in potty training. While VERY patient, not very successful yet.
  • We had a visit from Rich's cousin and her kids from Florida ---


joven said...

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Laurie said...

As to HBO and Showtime - get into Nurse Jackie!! And U.S. of Tara. And Weeds. And much more... :)

Renay said...

Loving the pop-up camper usage!

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