Kids: the pros and cons

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Lately I find myself shifting back and forth throughout the day in my dealings with the kids.  One moment I will marvel at their cuteness / helpfulness / wisdom and in another moment I will be completely annoyed by their demands / smart mouths / selfishness.  Obviously, I'm working on getting more of the latter, but here is our current state:

PAIGE: Has definitely matured from an emotional standpoint.  We don't get the crazy random bedtime sobs that used to happen not too long ago.  I LOVE this and her excellent communication skills.  However, she is the most "beggy" of the kids at this point and never seems to totally satiate her need to have.

WILL:  He truly aims to please and I absolutely love to watch him interact with Cole.  He has the utmost respect and love for him.  However, he is still agonizingly slow when we need to be on task AND times his need for more of this or some of that for RIGHT when I finally sit down. 

COLE:  Quite the communicator; still going to bed great; and is just plain fun to hang around.  However, he tends to drag out the last word of every sentence.  It used to be cute.  Now it can mimic fingernails on a chalkboard.  Mommy, me wake uuuuuuuup.  Mommy, me all dooooooone.  It kind of sounds like a modified whine.  That, and he's slightly stubborn and starting to know that his cuteness can win battles.  Not good.

There you have it.  Now, carry the 1 and subtract the 3 and it looks like the pros outweigh the cons by a ton!  But, I feel better getting that off my chest!


heresthediehl said...

ok, you lost me on the math, but i loved the update! :)

i definitely think that summer as a stay-at-home mom gives you more of the high highs and low lows with your kids because you spend so much more time together. because i'm noticing it, too!

for instance, right now, i'm having trouble focusing on the positive aspects of child #1 due to the intense drama surrounding his dangling tooth that hurts when he eats, yet he won't pull it. ugh.

suzanne said...

i think kenny taught luke how to whine this summer. i seriously think that he took him aside when i wasn't watching and showed him how to perfect it.

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