No Complaints!

Monday, May 24, 2010
A group of friends and I are trying not to complain. Sounds a little simplistic, but there is actually a movement/challenge that centers around complaint avoidance, thus changing your overall demeanor and outlook. The site is and I recommend trying it! Today was day 1. We wear those rubber bracelets to remind us of this goal.

I would say today went quite well. However, the weather was awesome and we didn't have much of an agenda, so it was set up to be a pretty complaint-free day already. I'll report back when I blunder - which will probably be soon as Rich just informed me that our DVR is acting up. Again.

And how could I complain? I have a star living with me! Cole is the next J ustin Bie ber. If you don't know this YOUNG teenage star, ask any pre-adolescent girl and she will, like, tell you ALL about this totally awesome singer, like, and all-around nice guy. He has a song out now that seems to have only a couple words in the lyrics. But Cole knows 'em! Here he is...our little heart throb!


heresthediehl said...

I like Cole's version better.

I reeeeeallly want J B ieber to cut his hair. I think it's just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

Lavonne said...

How cute is Cole? He sings with such feeling!! :-) And I totally agree with heresthediehl...J Bieber needs to cut that hair!! Oof-da!!!

Bethie said...

Cole's voice is deeper than Justin Beiber's which makes it ten times better!!!! Loved it!!!

suzanne said... seriously.

Alli said...

He's a natural performer. And Cole is way cuter than Justin Bieber...with a more manly voice. GO Cole!! We want backstage passes to your first concert!

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