Frustration Revisited

Monday, May 10, 2010
I know I have shared my frustration with phases that the kids have been in before.  Like the one where Will is ultra-slow and unfocused in performing his daily tasks.  Well, we're there again.  It has been very tough - I think because I KNOW he can do better and I'm just not quite sure why he morphs into this unfocused zombie. 

But...since it has been going on for a while now and I hate the fact that I am constantly nagging / scolding him as I impatiently wait for this to change, I realized today that maybe I'm the one who should be changing.  I need to change my frame of mind in order to more calmly deal with this phase.  I have to be more accepting and plan for his lack of focus.  I did that today and have to say the day was considerably more peaceful and harmonious.  Whew.

And now...a Willism.  Today when Paige got home from school the three of them were playing with trucks using dry beans as "dirt."  Will was orchestrating the whole thing and used this logic: Paige, you get the big truck because you're the biggest and I'll get the middle truck because I'm the middlest..."
Makes sense to me!


Renay said...

I need to really focus on this more! Thanks for the reminder!!!!

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