Sunday, February 28, 2010
This weekend was pretty fun! I had a conference half the day Saturday, then Rich took the big kids to see a movie while Cole and I had some bonding time. Sunday we visited Rich's family. While there, we inherited some oldie but goodie board games such as Sorry, Trouble, Clue, and Payday. We have been playing games since we got home.

Just before bed we decided to break out the game of Life. We didn't strictly follow the rules, but the kids got the gist of the game and loved it. However, if it has any validity in how they will truly be in life, I think I have them pegged. Paige will be a stay-at-home mom (only wanted to get kids the whole time, asked if she needed to get married to have kids and wondered if she could get kids just by passing the space like getting paid for payday). Will is going to be a little self-indulging bachelor (discovered Uranium, Nobel Peace prize winner, wanted to forgo marraige and kids). I'm glad I have this down to refer back to!


Anonymous said...

I love games (though I really don't like Sorry for some reason)! And loved this little glimpse into their future :)

Renay said...

So wait...both Paige and Will were wanting/willing to forego the weddings? Is Cole your only chance to see one of them married off? ;)I'm kidding!

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