Ringing in the New Year

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
This year we kept with the same New Year's Eve plan of a family party involving a friendly challenge.  This is one of my favorite holidays - no real pressure of a certain specific tradition, no real formal meal expectation, just gathering and fun!

Sarah and Paige



Cottonball Clean up (across counter into cup - harder than it looks)

Ball drop tradition

Skill at work

Group shot! (Minus my dad who went home sick - a theme during the holidays)

Happy 2017 From Us!

So 2017 has great potential!  We have a spring break trip in Hawaii to look forward to, more camping, a couple weddings. This year we also have the start of High School for Paige and the last year with any kid's age in the single digits.  When I look at the pictures that scroll across my computer screen of the kids only waist-high to us doing things I can remember like yesterday, I feel like time is going by so quickly.  But then when I think about all they can do now, have done, and have the potential to do, it's just exciting.  And I say if you can say you're excited as another year passes,  you're living a good pretty good life!


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