Summer Report

Sunday, June 8, 2014
A week plus into summer break and here's how we're doing:

  • Had a quick trip up to MI for a graduation party and got to visit with some fun people!
  • Have successfully ran errands with kids in tow.  (You'd think this would get easier as I don't have to work around nap times and dirty diapers, but they talk now.  All three of them...usually at the same time and it's a little trying when I'm attempting to compare prices and ingredients!)

  • Got the mini pool up...then realized it was faulty (after 2 seasons, we thought this was acceptable), so we got another and have yet to get it filled - but soon!
  • Spend a lot of time attending baseball games, and more to come as Cole's season begins tomorrow!
  • Reaching goal for at least 1 joyful thing a day! Today's was a family walk along the river. (Tomorrow's is ice cream after the boys' baseball.  Because this takes pre-planning with Cole's allergies, we rarely do this and they will be excited!  Shhh!)

  • Took some time off Cole's dentist appointment next month because his bridge with this fake teeth he has had since 4 just up and fell out!  He didn't miss a beat and is quite comfy with the gap.  Since it looks more age appropriate now, we're happy too!

That's summer so far!  Hoping to keep the "good" coming!


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