I'm Tired

Sunday, May 18, 2014
I DO remember telling myself that once the weather changes, everyone is worn out in a hurry as we are not used to fresh air, outside play and just plain more "doing."  But this spring's "worn out" seems to have taken it a bit further.  I feel like our time to sit back and take a breather is less and less.  And maybe this is the way it will be - or maybe even get worse.  I need a nap before I can stomach that thought.

I'm not complaining (well, maybe a little).  The things we are doing are all fun!  But the fact that my one plan for this spring was to extend our garden (doubling its size) and that we literally couldn't find a big enough window of time to do so during the planting season makes me a little sad.  Thankfully, we had beautiful weather and the whole family helping to plant our usual garden today, though.  With first attempts at strawberries and spinach, I'm excited at what it will bring.

And while I'm on the subject of reminding myself things:  during baseball season when you strategically plan things around games and schedules, remember that if mother nature decides to rain (and not even necessarily during game time), your whole careful balance may crumble, leaving you scrambling anyway.  Just think of the whole season as a crap shoot.

Lastly, it was a great weekend of celebrations!  'Tis the season of birthdays in the family so we celebrated our niece and nephew's (Kate and Tim - both in their 20s!), my mom's, and Rich's  (not in their 20s).  It involved two gatherings that were both so enjoyable.  Birthdays are SO worth celebrating!

And this week brings our long awaited Disney Trip.  It's going to be an easy-paced, fun-is-the-only-goal vacation that I simply cannot wait for.  Perfect kick off to summer!


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