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Thursday, January 9, 2014
In case I haven’t let you know, I am currently in one of my favorite phases of parenthood: phonetic spelling. While Cole is a little behind the other two in his reading/writing, he is slowly starting to get it and today he added this to my grocery list:

(hint: it’s his most liked deli meat)  He’s actually better than this at working words out, but this IS exactly how he says it.

And after 2+ weeks of the whole family being home and out of routine, I’m happy to report that the minute the bigs hit the door when school resumed, Cole had our to-do list ready.  It included a board game, a video game, and shrinky dinks…thus proving to me that he does, indeed, like is alone time with mom.

In other news, I’d like to think I do a pretty okay job of keeping records of things we do (blogging, pictures, saving important things, etc.)  Will has started the same thing for himself.  He created a little book (paper stapled together) that he has laminated (taped) important things to like ticket stubs, wrappers to “awesome gum” and something that I never thought to save…Will's Book
But, hey, we’ll always know what Will’s blood looked like when he was 8.  Someday I’ll be thankful.

Lastly, I’ve said before that while I wish my kids to be successful and accomplished, my first wish is that they have rich character and are truly kind.  This is a Christmas thank-you from Paige’s cheer coach that made me feel like we’re on the right track (and that made Paige feel like a million bucks).


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