Here’s to the Holidays

Sunday, December 22, 2013

After the kids’ holiday parties Friday, we kicked off the break with the Cumpata Christmas celebration Saturday.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day!  With a winter storm rolling in, we all stayed in and celebrated to the fullest!

So here’s to old traditions! We had the usual unmatched buffet of all edible delights.


Here’s to new games! If ever you were a dainty present unwrapper, the “oven mitt” game will break you of that in a hurry.

Here’s to homemade gifts! The kids gave homemade snowmen and grandpa made the girls wooden necklace hooks, and the boys these rifle mock-ups.


Here’s to baby Olivia crawling and doing some first-ever present opening!


Here’s to new traditions! A dirty Santa game that kept the spirit alive and everyone still talking to each other in the end.

And here’s to family.




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