Pumpkin Time

Monday, October 14, 2013
Greetings from the pumpkin patch!  Ironically, I didn’t get one picture of a pumpkin!  But we have 3 perfectly plump pumpkins out front. 
I haven’t been blogging much lately and for tonight this is it because
a) I might be getting a cold and, therefore, took Benedryl and so my bedtime is in 20 minutes
b) I’m watching Friends, and though I’ve seen this one roughly 30 times, it’s still competing for my attention.
c) We’re just busier than we once were.
So, enjoy these anyway!
Pumpkin Patch
Big plastic containers filled with corn to climb in.  Also known as dusty dirty germ bins.  FUN!
Pumpkin Patch
I love this one. 


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