On How Kids Will Surprise You

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No matter how hard you try to really figure out your children and know the motivation behind their decisions, sometimes it’s just impossible.  Of course I have examples:

  • Will didn’t buy a lunch at school the ENTIRE school year last year.  We would encourage him to try pizza day (who doesn’t like pizza day) here and there – not because I long for him to have the nutrition of a school lunch, but more for variety’s sake.  One day about 6 weeks ago he decided he’d try to buy a lunch and guess what…hasn’t BROUGHT a lunch since.  (And the nagging to bring a lunch has begun as – again – he needs more variety).
  • Last year I agonizingly tried to encourage Paige to wear her long, straight hair different ways (because it’s long and straight…capable of many different things), but everyday it was pulled to the side in a barrette.  This year, without a word from me, it is up in ponytails, buns, down, in headbands, etc.  I’ll never know.

Then there’s this.  For two days now after school the kids have been in the basement playing with this track Cole borrowed from Grandpa C.  Playing farm…and role playing together.  If I could have the recipe for such harmony, I would cook it up everyday!

But instead, I will have to settle for sitting back and waiting for them to surprise me!



Anonymous said...

haha! Yes...just when we think we have them figured out...

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