Tuesday, May 7, 2013
This update comes at a tough time for Will, as he is currently recovering from what has been the worst stomach bug I can remember him having.  In addition, he has horrible seasonal allergies, affecting mainly his eyes.  Lastly, he has a front upper tooth that needs to come out, but because the permanent tooth coming in is impatient, it is pushing it forward, instead of out.

Therefore, tonight while saying goodnight to him, he pointed out that he has a bruise on his forehead.  Sadly, it is likely from heaving into a bucket most of the day prior.  He also has a large bloodshot eye, also likely from heaving as well as rubbing from the allergies.  And then the tooth.  It kind of looks like Nanny McPhee:
But it hasn't all been bad.  Will is doing awesome in school and loves it very much.  He has developed some great buds and in fact a neighborhood pal has been stalking our house on his bike, just waiting for Will to get better and come out and play.  Also, Will came home the other day proud to say that he offered to stay inside during recess with one of his friends who had broken his foot and couldn't participate.  He has a big heart for sure.

Baseball season has started and while he is struggling with his skills, he loves it and hopefully can get some good practice time once he is feeling better and the weather cooperates.



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