Birthday Recap

Sunday, May 5, 2013
Yes, I'm referring to the birthday that took place April 19th.  Cole never did get his post of pictures for his birthday.  Poor thing.  He's practically 6 now.  Actually, the other evening, he came running from the swing set where he and Rich were and asked me to please tell Dad he was 6.  I asked why I would do that.  He said, "Because dad keeps saying I'm 5, but I just turned 6!"  I reminded him that no, he did indeed just turn 5.  He gave his trademark, "Wait, what..." response, eyes looking up as if replaying those fast 5 years in his head.  THEN he had the epiphany and conceded.  It was hilarious.

So, here we are, celebrating FIVE years of Cole Everett!


Super fun gifts!

Cousin Renee was sick and couldn't come to the family party.  But she's virtually here...if you look close.

Proof: Five candles...not six.

Kid "party": 3 friends after preschool for lunch and play.  They. Had. A. Blast.

Ganging up on the mom.

Like always, it seems my kids take a leap in "bigness" right around their birthday.  Cole mastered a two-wheeler and handled his Kindergarten shots like a pro!  So proud of our 5 year old!


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