Sneaky Moves

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Last night we went to bed as normal.  Read with kids, lights out, Rich and I have quiet time downstairs together.  When I went upstairs to check on the kids, I saw Will sleeping in a manner that allows Milo the dog the most comfort, as usual.  Paige was nuzzled at the edge of her bed like always, and Cole....well, Cole was MIA. 

Only, I didn't step over him in the hallway (a place he sometimes wears out).  And I had been in my room already. I get a little nervous as I check his "secret hideout" below his loft bed and then decide to re-check the bigs' rooms.  Turns out my skills at checking in on the kids must be lacking because I didn't even notice the extra body in Paige's bed when I looked in the first time.

Yes, there he was snuggled up in Paige's bed, even bringing in his pillow for the long haul.  Rich and I stood over them debating on whether to move him, but decided to let it go.

They slept the whole night together in that twin bed (we fully expected them to get annoyed as they moved in the night).  In the morning I asked Cole if he slept well.  He said, "yeah, oh - and I slept in Paige's bed."  I told him that we knew that.  I also said that we don't want that to happen every night.  His response, "Oh, well, Paige already said I could do that again tonight...but...I guess not."

In telling this story to my sister, we reminisced about how we 3 sisters would do that often...lie in bed together talking and then just sleep there.  And, therefore, I know the bonding time that this allows for.  So, I'm open to this if they want to.  I mean, now that they're older and there's no fear of someone's diaper leaking in someone else's bed, etc.  Oh...and as long as it means not waking us up!


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