Kids, and How Sometimes They Get It Wrong

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
And sometimes you kind of don't ever want that to end because it does a good job providing you with your daily laugh!  Here's my example.

Today Cole and I ran into Meijer briefly and discovered they have Christmas decorations up.  Cole excitedly exclaimed, "Mom!  They have a huge one of those wood chipper things!"  I questioned the "wood chipper thing" and he said, "You know, those things you have out at Christmas? The wood chippers?"

This resulted in a desperate snaking through the aisles searching for what he might have seen and is no doubt mistakenly calling a wood chipper.  I am eyeing yule logs, Christmas trees and the sort and he is adamant that this was a really BIG wood chipper.

We go around a corner and there it is.  A very big...



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