On Spending Time With Cole

Monday, September 17, 2012
I LOVE spending my days with Cole. I do.  That doesn't mean I'm not running out of preschool drop-off attempting to suck every free second from my 2.5 hours alone.  I mean, he is so incredibly fun to be around that the occasional break is appreciated, maybe even medically necessary.

Take today, for example.  On the 15 minute drive to school we covered:
1. What do people who don't have snow blowers do when it snows?
2. When are we going to move?  I mean, our house is getting kinda old.
4. Are we late?
5. What are those worker guys doing?
6.  Is my school in a different town?
7.  Is there going to be a surprise for me when I get out of school?
8.  There's a perfect parking spot!
9.  Is my window down or up?  Can you tell? (his latest trick - roll it down not enough to let air through, but not up all the way to be "up."  It never gets old)

And, no, I don't even listen to the radio when I get back in the car because the great melody of silence is beautiful.

Speaking of silence, I viewed an argument through the window on the back door today after school between Will and Cole.  Here's how it went down: 

Cole is obviously discouraged by Will as he is marching away from the swingset with his arms folded and a scowl on his face.  To make his anger completely clear, he lifts up one side of the kid-sized picnic table - you know, to show his force.  Then, he drops it real hard and marches up the patio step and gives my potting bench a swift kick.  Swings back for another and decides maybe just kicking the air would have the same effect because that first one kind of hurt.  This whole time I *think* there are some words shared that might have sounded more like growls.  Lastly, he resorts to rock throwing.  Not at Will.  Just in general because that will teach Will to share his swing.


Anonymous said...

1. Well, what do they do?
2. For real. It's ancient.
4. hahaha
5. Building a new Wendy's (we talk about this every day on the way to preschool)
6. LOL
7. Yes! You get to take a nap today!
8. Close to the building? We call that Rock Star parking :)
9. Oohh, this sounds fun. Do me a favor and don't tell JH about this, k?

Seriously cracking up at your description of him angrily walking away from Will!

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