Thursday, August 16, 2012
While our weather could have been better for vacation (rain one day, too windy for boating another), lately I'd happily rewind to those 4 days because it was just fun and nice to have a break from the norm.

We went up to Lake Geneva and stayed at an indoor waterpark hotel.  We LOVED the hotel!  It was perfect for our needs with 2 bathrooms, an upstairs loft for the kids and a kitchen.  We had fun touring downtown Lake Geneva (shops, boat dock, lake path, restaurants), swimming at the many pools at the hotel, picnic on the beach and a trip to the Jelly Belly "factory."  (Note:  this is not a factory per se and when they say you can tour to see how they make the sweet little treats, they mean on TV screens.  Thank you, I have Food Network and can watch "How It's Made" from my couch!)

Just hanging out and being fully engaged with one another was what it was all about! Now with Cole's accident and some major anxiety we're having in these days leading up to going to a new school (and a sudden switch to being bussed instead of walking - thank you, I spent the summer talking up being walkers!!!), I'm wishing to go back to those carefree vacation days.  So I'll just take a moment to look at these pictures...

Along the lake path

A beautiful path that changes as you go from property to property

Boat dock

Visitor's journal along the lake path

Beach in Fontana (not the best beach, but a beautiful day!)

Hanging out at the beach

Dining at the Baker House - an 1880s mansion.  We dined on what would have been the front porch.  SO neat! 
Beach bum

FUN! Cole did the green tube slide.  First of the that type for him!

Cleaning rocks he found.  Because there weren't really any shells and, well, it kept him busy!

A visit to Jamie and Steve's!  Went for a hike instead of the planned boat trip.


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