Will is 7!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Last week Will turned 7 and we celebrated with a double party on Saturday (kid party in the morning, family party in the evening).  It made for a busy day, but I have to say that throwing parties for a kid who SO loves birthdays is so rewarding!  He loved every minute of it and was truly gracious for all things given to him.  Here are some pictures of his day...
Ca-razy loud boys

Go-karting and bumber boating (again)

Star Wars theme...and the gifts reflected this.  He is SO set with Legos and has been so busy since!

Yes!  So many gifts he's been wanting!

Happy Birthday to Will!
 And now, a birthday acrostic poem for you from Will:

B oxes wrapped by wrapping paper
I like my birthday
R aping paper (yes, meant to be "wrapping")
T otally the funnest day
H aray!
D ad and mom always have good presents
A wesome birthday going on
Y ay this is fun


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to him!

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