The Ikea Experience

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
As mentioned earlier, Will (and his cousin riley) received almost identical bedroom desks recently and so we have been on a hunt for a chair, only to find that simple chairs are kind of hard to find and usually come with a surprising price tag.

This initiated an (extremely infrequent) trip to Ikea where we were almost certain we would have good luck.  Thus, the Ikea Experience with two adults and 5 kids. Thankfully, Ikea seems to understand the difficulty of shopping with kids so there are some tactfully placed services that really help a shopper out.  Thank you, Ikea. 

The kid playroom (which didn't look toddler-like, but more rec-room like) seemed like maybe a good way to break up the shopping for at least a little bit if it weren't for Paige being an inch too tall to enter, thus, scrapping the whole group.  (Yes, employee, I do notice the look of relief on your face).

Five simple words made my sister and I instant fans: Kids eat free on Tuesdays.  Sold!

Why must there be whole warehouse rooms of breakable items? Thankfully, we made it out without being forced into purchasing broken plates, but not thanks to the spy-like hide-and-seek game the kids were playing among them!

You know you've maybe watched too much Looney Tunes when your 4 year-old comes up to you with a box of taper candles and asks if you can buy this dynamite.

"Will...why are you carrying that pizza cutter around all the way over here in the rug section?"  "I don't know.  Riley just gave it to me."

Ah-ha!  The perfect chair!  (And perhaps a few extraneous items.) Totally worth it!


heresthediehl said...

I need to see this chair! You should have told me you were looking for an inexpensive one...I just went on this search about 2 years ago, and ended up getting one at Ikea!

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