Quoting Cole

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
We were out having chocolate popsicles minding our own business when our brick pavers jumped up and scraped Cole's shin.  His only comments were, "That was NOT a good thing to do!" and "We need to take all these bricks away!" as he was quite frustrated by the sting.

Tonight while getting ready for bed, catering to everyone's needs (Paige needs allergy eye drops, Will needs his fan on because it's "SO HOT"), Cole comes up to me and says his butt hurts.  I pause for a moment staring at him wondering what exactly he means by that.  He must have seen my confusion, because he further explained, "When I rub my butt on the ground, it hurts."  Now, I'm no doctor, but I think a full dose of don't-rub-your-rear-end-on-the-ground would be the prescription.  We'll see how it is in the morning.

Then, tonight I was lying on his bedroom floor while a small thunderstorm passed over.  I stayed because I know he'd never get to sleep while it was thundering, because he's scared of thunder.  I know THIS because he told me half a dozen times while I was in there.  But, showing signs of maturity, he also said that he IS trying to "ginore" it.


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