He's Four

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
I can't believe that it has been four years since we brought that little 7 pounder home!  In a way, though, it feels like longer than that because this family simply couldn't imagine life without him. 

Cole is at one of my favorite ages.  They are so much like tiny adults.  They can speak well, do many daily activities solo (dressing, bathroom breaks, etc.), yet they still snuggle and like to be held here and there.  It's truly the best of both worlds...and this is big, because it's the last time I get to have it. 

As noted in my blog, Cole is quite the character.  Driving home from preschool yesterday he told me that he wanted to be a dad and a worker when he grows up.  To answer what kind of work, he said one that fixes houses or fixes trees (??).  Tonight, we were discussing this topic again and he mentioned wanting to be a dad who goes to work.  His work would be driving a GMC garbage truck.

**Side note: we drive a GMC vehicle.  The kid is obsessed with GMC vehicles and will point out all of them WITH NO FAIL on car rides whether he is mid sentence or not.  When everyone else is looking for a certain color car for the "car game," he's looking for GMCs.***

So the conversation went on like this...Cole said, "Or maybe I'll drive a red pickup GMC."  I clarified, "You want to drive a red GMC pickup for your job?"  To which Cole answered, "Yeah, because that just makes more sense.  I don't think there are any GMC garbage trucks." 

Yeah...much more sense.

Happy birthday, Cole!  We are so proud of the happy, cheerful, loud, robust kid you are!

Here he is proudly planting the oak tree he was given by his teachers at school for Earth Day.  It's six inches tall.  So I figure in 30 years I'll be able to hang a bird feeder from it!  Can't wait! 


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Happy birthday!!!

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