When Kids Get (Out)Smarter

Monday, February 6, 2012
Cole is almost 4 and I've mentioned that he is finally taking an interest in letters/numbers which is great.  Along with this more mature thinking has come the ability to outsmart.  Here is my example.  If he notices that an answer he has given me to a question / demand is going to anger me, he quickly wedges in an "it's opposite day" exclamation.  Oh!  No wonder!  Now I'm not so mad!  Here is how it often plays out...

Me:  Okay, Cole, go slip on your shoes.
Cole:  No.
Me:  Scowl look as if to ask "do you want to rethink that answer?"
Cole:  It's opposite day!  No means yes!

This happens at least a couple times a day. 

In addition to his maturity has come his (misled) thought that he is in charge.  For example, while reading a book, if he needs to jump up for a tissue or to re-situate himself, he will demand, "Pause the book!"  "Pause" is a button on a remote control, not a command to direct at mom's voice.

Tonight at dinner, if the conversation was continuing without him getting his two cents in, he would shout, "cut!" and say what he wanted to say.  He did this at least 3 times as if he is a Spielberg apprentice or something.  I think I need to either letter his name on the back of his chair or nip that little habit quickly.


Nicole said...

love it!

jack henry also uses "pause" while reading...

Renay said...

Brady doesn't do opposite day, but he says "sowry mama...I LOVE you!" That's so not fair...how do you stay mad?!

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