Emotions, by Cole

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Using the phrase, "so bad."  As in, "I love 'Dark Vader' movies so bad!"

Using a pouty lip.  And today this was accompanied with this phrase, "Do you know what my sad is for?  Because our garden is gone."

Using the word "ever" to add enthusiasm is popular.  Like tonight, when he tripped over Paige's foot and landed hard on the ground.  He promptly stood up and stomped off shouting, "Paige!  Don't EVER stand there (in the middle of the kitchen) AGAIN!" 
p.s.  He hasn't had a nap for 2 consecutive days which may explain this temper.


Renay said...

I love these posts of funny words. You're so good at remembering them...or else my kids never say such funny stuff!!

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