On Relaxing

Monday, August 8, 2011
It has come to our attention lately that we can do alot more relaxing lately.  An outing is no longer a careful balancing act between holding a kid, watching another, carrying multiple bags, fighting away the next meltdown, or cleaning up a mess.  We can sit back and relax more and (gasp) have enjoyment for ourselves, not merely enjoyment through our children.  We're fans.

Our vacation was a good example.  Going to the public pool this past weekend is another.  Our kids were somewhere else and Rich and I were finishing our hot dogs.  So many keys to that statement:
1) Not having to hover over our kids
2) Finishing a meal
3) Quality time with each other

Today I took the kids to the mall for some school shopping and guess what?  My hands were empty!  Paige insisted on pushing the stroller (which I still take because Cole has wounded leg syndrome that strikes at random times) and catering to Cole's every whim.  We had a great time!  (Caution: not being preoccupied and juggling many things while shopping can lead to increased purchases).

But here's a time that I WASN'T relaxed!  This was literally the 2nd time the kids have attempted the skate park on the their bikes.  Paige was doing the same as Will, but isn't in the video...


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