That was us

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Attention fellow swim lesson takers:  Big apology from me and my 3 year old.  The reason your lessons were cancelled today?  Yeah, that was us.  Seems he swallowed a bit too much water, coughed and spit up a bit (and I mean a very little bit).  But per protocol, everyone exited the pool like the plague had entered and lessons were cancelled.



suzanne said...

don't worry, we get that all the time. the worst is when there are bday parties and the feed the kids a bunch of food and then send them to swim.

Anonymous said...

oh no. so, i should probably stop letting my kids blow water out their nose when it accidentally goes up there?

Jamie said...

Nicole's comment cracks me up. Are you serious? I guess that's good, but like the chlorine wouldn't take care of a little spit up. More importantly, did Cole get scared or do you think it won't cause a set-back?

Renay said...

no! you have got to be kidding! they only close our pool for poopy accidents....which hasn't happened yet and thank God all my kids are potty trained!!!!!!!

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