They're NOT Twins, but...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
When I'm out and about with Will and Cole I get asked many times if they are twins (never mind that 2 years and 1 foot separate the two).  I guess it's the hair cuts, brown eyes and round faces.  They are certainly their own individual, but there are such similarities. 

Cole is going through a phase right now that I feel like was just yesterday with Will.  Here are some characteristics:
  • One hundred million trillion questions a day
  • Stuttering (repeating his beginning word, like, 6 times before moving on with the sentence - I was very worried about this with Will but quickly learned it was just his mind thinking faster than his mouth - as with Cole)
  • Pointing with his middle finger.  I remember this because I hate it.
Then this video popped up on my computer (from August 2009) and I thought - they may not be twins, but they are definitely brothers!


Jamie said...

Look at Cole's round toddler face!! i feel like William hasn't changed a ton over the years but seeing this shows me how much he really has.....I remember this video - it was just as sweet the second time!

Renay said...

One thing is for sure: they're both stinky adorable!
Brady points with his middle finger too! Neither of the other boys did that...funny!

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