Monday's Random Stories

Monday, May 9, 2011
1) This evening after school the kids came barrelling in from the backyard to announce that they hear the ice cream truck.  I've said no to this once already this season so with the nice weather I agreed we could go get some.  So we ran out front to catch the creepy ice cream truck guy.  This is where things got ugly and here's how it went down: they were told their treat will wait until after dinner, so in order to avoid melting the two bigs sprint for the house with Cole trailing behind and getting the door slammed swiftly in his face at which time he begins bawling which Rich can hear from inside upstairs and shouts to Paige and Will to let their brother in too (I'm still making things even with the ice cream guy).  Hearing this Paige shoves Will hard to go open the door (because obviously it was all his fault) and he begins to cry. 

Happy summer!  The ice cream treats will wait until tomorrow night, pending much better behavior.

2) Tonight in bed Paige read a story about a girl who plays baseball, but her mom makes her take ballet lessons against her wishes.  At the end I asked Paige if she saw herself as more of a "ballet girl" or a "baseball girl."  Without hesitation she answered, "baseball."  I used to feel she was a girlie girl, and while she likes pink, fashion, and pop culture, I picture this weekend alone: mud up to her ankles, tractor-driving, picking up chickens, digging in the garden, adopting pet worms, eating a 1/2 slab of ribs and think - yeah, maybe "girlie girl" doesn't quite fit.

3) Proof I may need to chill a little:  Cole came into where I was ironing (least favorite domestic job) and I heard a strange noise.  I dismissed it and continued talking to him.  When he started talking to me and moved his head I heard a horrific sound.  It sounded as if there were loose bones in his neck as his head bobbed around while talking to me.  I abruptly knelt down to check him out and he got an embarrassed smile on his face.  He lifted up his baseball hat to reveal a 1/2-filled Tic Tac container on his head.  Loose bones...Tic Tacs....easily confused.

4)  Last year I bought a grape tomato plant and planted it in a pot among our landscaping.  It did wonderfully!  So well that we decided we could practically be farmers, so we decided to put in an actual small garden.  Paige has ALWAYS had an affinity to planting/growing, but Will's interest has been surprising and super cute.  He helped picked out the plants and seeds today and it will be a family affair to get the mini garden planted tomorrow night.  Hopefully I'll get a few pictures!


Padded Cell Princess said...

If only I would have thought of the tic tac trick when I was a kid!

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