More On Cole...

Thursday, April 28, 2011
It's been a lot about him lately.  That's mostly because he's pretty fun to be around and I'm around him ALOT.

Today he tried his hand at more domestic activities. He fixed me a Pez drink in his kitchen and then did some light ironing...

 Then, he took care of this little baby he named Cole.  This included feeding, burping, diaper changing and putting to bed.  It's something I don't get to see from him often (how he would treat a baby) and it was absolutely adorable.

Of course, it was this sweetness with some added chuckles: like his facial expressions and the fact that he keeps thinking he turned 5 on his last birthday and the fact that he thinks "air" is "arrow" and "privacy" is "privaceipt" that complete the Cole experience.


Jamie said...

Too sweet!! Geez, I hope he's not disappointed in my house cleaning abilities...I don't think I've ever ironed my thow pillows :)

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