Time Changes

Sunday, March 13, 2011
This weekend was a nice, low-key weekend in which we finished Paige's room and other mini tasks around the house.  It was also a time change weekend.  Changing the time is weird.  To quote Paige, "I don't get it.  Do the clocks control the sun or something?"  (Rich and I went into a deeply scientific explanation of how farmers needed more daylight - er - students didn't have to wait at bus stops in the dark - er - something.  I'm sure she's well versed on the topic now.)

The promising thing that comes from turning our clocks ahead besides thrown-off sleep schedules and light timers is that spring is just on the horizon.  Even though it only reached 41 degrees here, we decided to do spring-like things and get out our grill, patio furniture and other toys.  Bring on a 20 degree temperature increase!  We're ready!

Oh monster truck - how he's missed you.

No, it's not warm enough for no coats.  At all.  I lost that argument, apparently.


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